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6 Heats of Relay, Indian Ladies Race, Indian Warriors Race and Kids Relay Daily

2016 is unfolding to be the biggest and best season of Indian Relay ever.  The All Nations Indian Relay Championships will be in Billings Montana for at least the next three years on September 22-25th.  September 23 is Native American Heritage Days. That is the weekend after Pendleton. That is our permanent weekend in Billings and will be the Championships and final race of the season.

The Billings All Nations Championships will be the largest Indian relay event ever. This year we will take up to 36 teams but we will accept only teams that are members during the season and who have earned points. No last minute entries will be accepted.

The Kids events will be expanded. We will have the kids Shetland races and also a junior race for 10 to 16 year olds who have not won or run more than 6 adult races. They will be run daily along with the Ladies races and the Warriors.

Each sanctioned race earns points to get invited to Billings All Nations Championships. We should have between 13 and 16 sanctioned races for 2016. We invite all Indian Relays to be PIHRA sanctioned. Applications are available on the website and by contacting PIHRA.

The membership applications are enclosed. There are discounts for early sign up. Memberships start at $200 if paid before April 30, 2016. See the details on the attached application.

PIHRA has been responsible for creating and/or running relay events that have paid out over $480,000 in prizes and expenses directly to Indian relay teams and families in its first three seasons. This should also be a record year with a new PIHRA relay in Baker Montana and perhaps a new relay in Canada that is about to be finalized. This is your association and we the directors are working hard to create opportunities for you and your families.

We appreciate your support and participation. Please share your comments and your thoughts with your directors.


The Board Of Directors of PIHRA

Benita Plain Feather
Carol Murray
Robert He Does It
Darrin Old Coyote
Calvin Ghost Bear
Marlys Langdeau
Tyler Peasley
Kerry Carden
Richard Kail
Jeanette Sassoon
Gary Fellers
Newton Old Crow-Spiritual Advisor
Ted Vlahos-Veternay Advisor

Download Form Here:

PIHRA 2016 Team Membership Application

PIHRA 2016 Individual Application

PIHRA 2016 Youth-Kids and Junior Member Application

PIHRA 2016 Sanctioned Event Application

2016 Buffalo Days Indian Relay Sign Up Application

2016 Buffalo Days Warriors and Ladies Race Sign Up Application

2016 Buffalo Days Kids and Junior Relay Sign Up Application

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PIHRA – PO Box 584, Ranchester, WY 82839 – 561-301-0010

PIHRA FLORIDA – c/o POLOGEAR, 3500 Fairlane Farms Road, #15,

Wellington, FL 33414


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