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The event will be an approved sanctioned event for 2016. This event will be advertised on the PIHRA website and elsewhere as an official PIHRA sanctioned event and it will be posted on the PIHRA Indian relay calendar. PIHRA teams will be encouraged to attend. PIHRA will supply the awards listed and requested provided timely notice and payment of application is provided. The event may market their event as an official PIHRA sanctioned relay event. If appropriate PIHRA would like to provide a PIHRA banner to be displayed at the event. The event has the authority to use the PIHRA name and trademarks to advertise event as an Official Sanctioned PIHRA Event.


Event Name

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Number of Years Running Relay

Event Date

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Number of Teams Anticipated, Desired or Limited:

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PIRHA Director Approval


  • 2016 All Nations Indian Relay Championship Race Results and Payouts-Over $85,000 in Cash and Payouts! Click here to review RESULTS & PAYOUTS
    • Team Nation Payout
      Omak Express Colville Confederated Tribes $10,000
      Pikuni Express Blackfeet Nation $7,500
      Young Money Blackfeet Nation $5000
      Holds The Eneny Crow Nation $3,000
      Rides A Pretty Horse Crow Nation $2,600
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