The All Nations Indian Relay Championships is the super bowl and world series of Indian relay combined. It is the season ending race meet where the top teams are invited to determine the best team in the universe. To receive an invitation teams must compete all season long to earn points in PIHRA sanctioned events. Only the top 30 teams are invited to the championships. Teams also compete for additional prize money and the honor of season high point champion.

The “All Nations Indian Relay Championships” consists of 3 days of qualifying heats where all 30 teams race to determine who gets seated in the Sunday championships and consolations. Each day teams are divided into 6 heats of 5 teams each and they race head to head. The top 5 teams advance to the championships, the second 5 the consolations, and sub-consolations. Sunday the best race head to head to determine the best in the world and for $75,000 in cash and prizes.

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